Public votes system

Provide online voting for various elections and activities held by administrative units and departments.
The system functions include

  • nline voting, result viewing and result chart statistics
  • Voting, ballot counting, progress management and ticket checking functions
  • Registered and secret balloting mechanism
  • Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference files:

Contact : Yen-Kwang Chen / Feng-Li Lin


Extension: 5557 / 5568

Public file sharing system

Provide a file sharing platform for faculty and students, and the system functions include

  • Provide file sharing and management functions
  • Share persons and start and end time settings
  • File list available for download
  • Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference file:

Contact: Li Shuchang

Extension: 5567

Public event registration system

To apply for the public version of the event registration system, please go to the School Administration Portal > Application System > Information Services > Questionnaire Audit Management Systemto fill in the application form, and after completing the setting, an email will be notified,and the event representatives can log in to this system.
And provide general users to sign on, the system functions include

  • Generate event registration forms and add new events
  • Manage registration list, export Excel, CSV, XML and other formats
  • Choose to approve or reject the registration and send the registration confirmation letter
  • Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference file:

Contact: Yen-Kwang Chen


Extension: 5557

Description of the NTNU Survey system

Provide various online questionnaires and voting activities held by various administrative units and departments to quickly create forms, support logical jumping questions, support multiple devices to fill in easily, and publish the results immediately.
Meet the requirements of fast, immediate, and open processes in the process.

System functions include:

  • Online multi-device answering, result viewing, and support for multiple chart types.
  • Statistical results support logic jumping to make the questionnaire easier and easier to fill out and improve the accuracy and quantity of questionnaires.
  • There are private/public, registered/anonymous forms Permissions
  • Single-choice, multiple-choice, scoring, fill-in-the-blank...etc.
  • Both on-campus and off-campus people can participate in activities
  • Results can be made public immediately to increase engagement or at a time set by the event Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference file:

Contact : Yen-Kwang Chen / Feng-Li Lin

E-mail: /

Extension: 5557/5568

Public meeting Information System

Provide meeting organizer and participant management and query conference information, system functions include

  • Provide two-dimensional barcode check-in mechanism
  • Added basic information about the meeting and management meeting, including the organizer, date, start and end time, location, etc. for participants to view
  • Provide meeting agenda, meeting minutes and meeting related materials upload and download
  • Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference file:

Contact: Zhou Mengyuan

Extension: 5563

Public registration and payment system

Provide registration and payment services for activities handled by various administrative units and departments. The system functions include

  • New activity and registration related fields and payment method settings
  • The system can generate an interface URL for event registration and payment services
  • Access from iPortal or NTNU APP

Reference file:

Contact: Chao-min chou


Extension: 5539

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