We provide SSID instructions

  1. eduroam: duroam support 5GHz frequency band only: International accross campus wireless network roaming service (eduroam) is a wireless roaming plan shared among global education and research institutions. NTNU student, member of faculty who applied and obtained the login credential, can access the internet connectivity across campus at the participating institutions. Login with your_account@eduroam.ntnu.edu.tw and your roaming password for connection. Please go to https://voip.ntnu.edu.tw/peap for application.
  2. ntnu_roaming:use the same new wireless network safety authentication mechanism (802.1x) as eduroam, if your internet access device support 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz, please use ntnu_roaming.
  3. ntnu:Login from NTNU Information Portal with username and password only.
  4. ntnu_guest: Free network service for visitors, with an Instantaneous maximum access traffic limit of 5MB.
  5. ntnu_5g:for mobile device and notebook computer which are supporting 5GHz frequency band.

Declaration mailbox

Main campus consultant TEL:(02)7749-3737
Kung-Kuan campus consultant TEL(02)7749-6900
Linkuo campus consultant TEL:(02)7749-8629  

Contact information of the Network Manager