Supervisor Meng-Yuan Chou 7749-5563 Email Smart Campus Project planning, research and development
System single sign-on of account integration and information security mechanism establishment
School administration cloud application planning and mobile application development, app development for mobile phones and tablet computers
Pei-Hsiu Chien
Systems Analyst Roger Lo 7749-3722 Email Smart Campus Project planning, evaluation and execution Shu-Chang Li
Vice Systems Analyst ZhenAn Wu 7749-3727 Email Development and Maintenance of Academic Affaire System Yuan-Yung Tseng
Vice Systems Analyst Yuan-Yung Tseng 7749-5565 Email Development and Maintenance of Academic Affaire System ZhenAn Wu
Programmer Shu-Chang Li 7749-5567 Email Performance adjustment and maintenance management of school administration program deployment, application servers, database hosts, storage devices, etc.
Information security management and maintenance such as ISMS and personal data protection, system single sign-on and account integration mechanism maintenance and operation
Outsourcing project consultation and technical assessment related to school administration
Construction and maintenance of campus information station of “Campus’s E card”, service platform, and card management system
Roger Lo