Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 educational version is available for students and faculty. There are several ways to use it:


Served Clients

Ntnu's teachers, employees, and students.

How to Use Online

  • Login
  • Password:email password

  1. Password reset:If password error is encountered, please make sure using correct letter case. For resetting password, please visit the web site: (
  2. If your account is not activated yet, please visit the web site: (
  3. Suspend account:This service is no longer available whenever you have no more school's effective identity. For further question, you may contact the responsible window such as personnel office, academic affairs office, or the office which hired you.

Contact Window

  • Contact : Mr. Wu
  • Email :
  • Campus extension : 5544
  • Local phone: (02) 7749-5544
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