Served Clients

Teachers, employees, and students.

Software version copyright

The school's Microsoft Windows is an upgrade version, not a complete authorized version. The personal computer shipped with no operating system is not legal to use it. In order to use this version with fully authentication service, the purchased computer must have an OS license shipped with it.

Borrow Software

For environmental factors, reducing CD/DVD use is a school policy. We recommand you to download MS Windows and MS Office for installation [Download link]. If you have special need for using sofrware CD/DVD, please contact Mr. Lee at 5545 during office hours.

  • Online application [Link] (use e-mail ID and password)
  • How to get software:approved by email, get software CD with your NTNU's ID from ITC help desk.
  • How long to return software: one week.
  • Borrow rule: only no unreturned record can borrow any software again.
  • Question to ask: ITC help desk or call campus extension 3737.